Mountains Hide Away

Something I been wanting to say

Friday, October 30, 2020 1:44 PM

Now that I have a place to put my thoughts. I will share this story. Believe it or not like or not. But,  after reading, I hope you can appreciated why and answers some questions. 

It was Monday and I was disappointed I forgot about the live PBP. I started watching it 20 minutes late and I enjoyed it. What stuck out was what was said about the best way to get your favorite bear nominated for Fat Bear Week, was to show side by side from when bear first arrived in June or July and another of the same bear in September. I was thinking about it about while working on other things. It came to me there was captured footage of Holly and the rest is history as by the following video. I took the side by side pictures a bit further.

The next day, Tuesday. I was going through video that had gone overlooked and wanting to do a highlight video of the day. I stopped because thoughts of the Otis video just came to me out of nowhere. Otis was the farthest thing from my mind because I was trying to decide to do a highlight of August 5, 2019 or break off from that and do a video of bear 854, Divot.  Well I felt like I was being moved as if something else was in control and this video was produced.

The next day, I was on duty and I was being bad because on another newly acquired computer, I had the bear cams on the lower river. I was watching bear 435 and Little One out of the corner of my eye while working. Bear 480 came into view and bear 435 walked away unconcerned it was something to watch. So much so I forgot and still had the mouse button pressed and something was still go around. Lol I rewound to the beginning and got a capture going and I was able to get through the rest of my shift. It was so awesome to have been able to watch the events unfold live. For me and for as long as I had been following these bears through the recent years, and to have been able to see these bears in person. It was special. Silly as it may sound, I felt a harmony I didn’t expect to feel this year being so far away from the place I have experienced more than one person should be lucky to experience.

Well if you read all of this? Thank you. I do appreciate it.

Be safe, Be well, Be happy.